Dev Update 14 - Menus, Customization, Controls

Dev Update Video

Features in this build

New UI, Menus, and Animations
- New art for all menus - Menu lay out redesigned for better legibility and navigation
- Animations on opening and closing menus
- Text and fonts now more unified throughout the game

Teo Customization and Fur Skins
- Character Creation screen now lets players choose new in game skins

Armor and Weapons Updated with Visuals
- All armor and weapons show up on Teo now as you equip them
- All icons for armor, weapons and runes now finalized

Full Controller and Keyboard Only Controls Rework
To give players the best experience when using either a controller or Keyboard only, we have revised our previous control system from a Virtual cursor to direct button selections on menus, and direct standpoint movement in town and dreamland.

New Harvest Meter
- Revised old line meter into a scaling circular meter for better style

New Signs for Town and Locations
Updating from large floating buttons, we've redesigned the location buttons as signs directly in town and Dreamland for better immersion.

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