Developer Update 12 - Transition screen, Reflect Rune and more


Features in this build

This update hits a lot of areas with small tweaks and additions to improve the overall feel. 

Animated Screen Transitions

New animated fading screen while transitioning to different areas

New Reflect Rune

The rune has a chance on blocking to reflect projectile attacks back at bosses

New Progress Crafting Window

While crafting, there is now a progressing crafting bar to display silly humor by the Blacksmith as he crafts your weapon and shows when it’s ready!

Rank and Times set on Battle Menu

Following with how we already rank and record time for your runs, we now save them and show you your best ranks directly on the boss menu

Loot Updates

Small quality of life updates to improve the loot and randomization systems, limiting the max of one item that can drop, and increasing the amount of loot per boss.

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