Dev Update 11

Features in this build

The main focus of this update was building a more robust tutorial system to teach each aspect of the game. We have also added in more animations for the bosses and some small additions like Gallow’s equipment icons as well.


  • Tutorials added for crafting at the Blacksmith, harvesting at Dreamland, and more tutorials on combat maneuvers
  • Tutorials made dynamic to fit for tapping on mobile, PC with keyboard and controller depending if a 360 controller is plugged in
  • Areas available from town introduced individually for a better intro into the game



Gallow Animations

  • Gallow’s attack animations added in, Throwing a fireball, slamming an AoE Blast, and a shooting a laser out of his mouth
  • Stunned and exhausted animations for when the player hits him with enough Strong attacks, and when he runs out of energy
  • Transformation animation, transforming from a training dummy into the monster who is Gallow
  • Still Temp VFX for all projectiles though, coming up in a later build to update these

Skullako Animations

  • Skullako now has his idle and head turn animations to track Teo

Equipment Icons

  • Teo’s equipment crafted using Gallow’s materials now show his new icons.
  • The art for his upcoming Gallow gear set has been made along with some new blades for each boss.


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