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I tried it on the OUYA, (Android 4.1, OpenGL ES 2.0), it starts, animations works, and also the background music is there, but can't go beyond the start-screen, controller input does not work. Also tried mouse input. Nothing.

Thanks a lot for testing it out - I replied to you in the gamejolt post.


A rail fighter that's a bit rough around the edges, but has great potential.

For an early demo, Bound By Blades is a pretty good play. I didn't know what to expect going in. I didn't expect what was delivered. I didn't expect I'd like this game, despite its flaws.

Gameplay-wise.. I'm on the fence about it. On one hand, the "rail fighter" system does make things interesting. It does take a lot of getting used to and is not intuitive for a fantasy-style game. I'm more of a fan of freedom-of-movement, but the concept does work for this game.

Graphically, I dig the art style. While the animations aren't 100% polished, they're absolutely fine for an early demo.

The soundtrack is beautiful. I can't gush over the sound effects as much, but there's nothing offensive about them, neither.

The controller inputs are straight-forward. However, I must complain that the game switched around input notifications between the controller and the keyboard. It should be locked on one or the other, depending on if a controller is active. I've been having a ton of trouble with this on Spyro Reignited Trilogy as well, so perhaps this is more of a problem with PC games in general. Or, perhaps my rig's haunted. Who knows?

I can't comment on replayability, considering this is just a very short demo.

Overall, Bound By Blades is a little rough around the edges. However, despite its flaws, I see great potential in this game.

Thanks a lot for the video and feedback!


The art looks really nice, good luck with your kickstarter campaign!

Thank you for the kind words and the great video!


Some really gorgeous art. Will this be getting a Mac release (or demo)?

Thank you! Unfortunately for now we don't have Mac planned to support in case there are some issues mid development with it (Mainly looking at the Multiplayer aspect there). There is a chance if all works well, we can support it after final release, but for now we act more cautiously to ensure we can deliver on time.


Ah okay. That's too bad but I'll keep checking up on this just in case. Thanks for the response!

Just in case you haven't checked it out, we did upload a Mac build recently since we're no longer doing Multiplayer. Try it out and let me know if any bugs come up!


10/10 I love the Graphics and the cooperative mode's too beautifull.

Thank you so much!


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thanks for the video!


Good development so far I like this, took a bit of time to figure out still a few bits more, look forward to the full version.  I also recommend the website for your game too there is a lot of traffic there for games like this.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Hey thanks a lot! I'll check out indiexpo and post there too!


The concept of this game looks neat and I am really looking forward to it getting released

Hey, thank you!


Just found out about this game and I am SO Excited for it  to come to Kickstarter. The environment style and UI are very impressive.  I would love to contribute to the game myself if you need a concept artist or illustrator. My portfolio is at . Good luck! :D 

Thanks so much! Your work is really impressive as well! We can discuss further in email, you can reach me at


how do you download it on windows 10?

It's still in development, so no downloading yet. We're heading to Kickstarter later this year with a demo though for everyone to try, so keep an eye on us to test it out!


I've just registered to say the game looks fantastic

Hey, thanks a lot!